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oil changes

Few would disagree that the simple oil change is the single most important preventative maintenance you can have performed on your vehicle. This essential process, which is recommended for between every 3,000 to 5,000 miles in most vehicles, is vital to keeping your car running like the day you drove it off the lot. But when the time comes, who do you trust to perform this maintenance? The dealership where you purchased the vehicle will be expensive, and the quickie chain lube shops might not have techs on hand that are qualified to perform such a service. When smart drivers need an oil change in Dorchester, MA, they bring their vehicles to the pros at Parker’s Auto Service.

Oil Change Dorchester MA

When you bring your car to Parker’s Auto Service for an oil change in Dorchester, MA, what exactly do we do? Well, it’s simple really. We drain your engine of the oil inside and replace it with a fresh batch of synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional oil, depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. We also replace your-all important oil filter, which keeps gunk and debris in the oil from entering your engine. While your engine runs, it produces an amazing amount of heat and friction. The oil in your engine keeps things cool and lubricated, but over time, it begins to break down. An engine running without fresh oil can only go for so long without overheating or locking up completely, so when the time comes for an oil change in Dorchester, MA, let the experts at Parker’s Auto Service do the job right.

Preventative Maintenance Dorchester MA

The oil change, while vital, isn’t the only preventative maintenance we perform here at Parker’s Auto Service. If it is a part of your vehicle, we offer services for it. This means everything from your milestone 30/60/90k mile services to transmission and engine service to AC & heat service. If you check the back of your car’s owner’s manual, you’ll find a list of preventative maintenance services and the mileage benchmarks when they should be performed. If your car is overdue for service, bring it by and let us help!

Oil Change Near Me

If you don’t remember the last time you had an oil change in Dorchester, MA, then you are most likely due for one. The team at Parker’s Auto Service is here to help! Simply swing by, call, or make an appointment online and we will have you back on the road in no time flat.

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