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brake repair

Quick! What is the most important safety feature in your vehicle? Is it the frame? The airbags? Nope, the single most important safety feature in your car is the braking system. Charged with slowing and stopping your vehicle while in motion, your braking system is generally the one thing standing between drivers and disaster. So it’s easy to see why we here at Parker’s Auto Service want everyone out there on the roads of Dorchester, MA, to have a safe, operating braking system in their vehicle. So whether you need brake service or brake repair in Dorchester, MA, you need to call the brake experts at Parker’s Auto Service.

Brake Service Dorchester MA

At Parker’s Auto Service, we recommend all drivers have a routine brake service performed on their vehicle about once a year, or with roughly every fourth oil change. During this essential service, our techs will inspect every inch of your braking system, looking for weaknesses and areas that could present problems in the future. We also take this opportunity to replace your brake pads or shoes, depending on the braking system in your vehicle. These parts are designed to wear out over time and protect the permanent fixtures of your braking system. Going too long without replacing the pads or shoes can place undue stress on your braking system, and will eventually lead to brake failure. Before that happens, get your car in for brake service from the experts at Parker’s Auto Service.

Brake Repair Dorchester MA

Maybe you haven’t had your brakes serviced in some time and you are starting to notice problems. Your brakes are squealing or grinding when in use, your brake pedal seems “squishy” or sinks all the way to the floor, or maybe there is even a terrible smell you notice when you use your brakes. All of these point to the need for brake repair in Dorchester, MA, and the best team to do it is found at Parker’s Auto Service. We can pinpoint and fix any problems your brakes may have, and we can have you back on the road in no time flat.

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When you need brake service or brake repair in Dorchester, MA, the name you can always trust is Parker’s Auto Service. Our team has been fixing even the worst brake problems for years, and want to see you and your car leave our bays safely and securely. So if your brakes need attention, give Parker’s Auto Service a call today.

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